Install your bracket

It’s easy to install the Skene Design license plate bracket. The bracket comes with an installation kit that includes: a drill bit, all the mounting hardware, and a comprehensive installation guide. You’ll provide your own drill and Phillips screwdriver.

Not sure if you want to install your bracket yourself? Many of our customers prefer to have the bracket installed by an automotive professional: any mechanic or body shop can do it. It takes about 10 minutes.


Video: How to install the Skene Design license plate bracket



Step-by-Step Instructions

This series of photos will guide you through each step of the simple installation process.

 Loosen screw and adjust bracket to desired height

Use the included socket-head screws and Allen wrench to attach plate to bracket section.

Left and right brackets are attached to plate

Use included alcohol pads to clean underside of bumper.

Peel off cover on double-sided tape and firmly press the bracket to the underside of the bumper.

Drill 2 holes on underside of bumper cover with the included 7/64" drill bit.

Install included screws in left and right brackets.

Use the included 1/8" Allen wrench to tighten the 4 license plate screws.


Installation Guide

These step-by-step instructions are included with the bracket.

  1. Our low profile front license plate bracket comes pre-assembled in two parts – a left side and a right side, as illustrated in the sketches above. Installation is extremely easy, and takes about 10 minutes.
  2. First, measure the distance from the lower edge of your bumper to where you want the top of your license plate to be. Using the included hex key, loosen the front stainless steel button-head cap screw on the left and right brackets. Slide the horizontal section of each bracket so it is this distance from the top end of the vertical brackets. Tighten each front screw, while ensuring that the horizontal brackets are perpendicular with the slot in the vertical section.
  3. With the hex key, attach the right bracket to the right rear side of your license plate, using 2 of the 4 included cap screws and 2 of the 4 included stainless steel trim washers. Do the same for the left bracket with the other 2 screws and washers. Don’t tighten the screws too tightly at this point.
  4. Position the license plate assembly in the desired location on your front bumper. Be sure to center the license plate with your grill. Angle the plate to the desired angle with respect to the bumper by adjusting the angle of the left and right brackets. You may need to slightly loosen the angle adjustment screws. Then note the location where the two horizontal bracket sections contact the underside of the bumper.
  5. Carefully clean the sections on the underside of the bumper you noted in the above step. Alcohol is a good cleaning fluid to use, but soap and water will also work. These sections should be completely clean and dry to ensure that the double-sided tape on the bracket will adhere well.
  6. Remove the backing on the double sided tape on the horizontal section of each bracket, and carefully align the license plate and bracket assembly once again on the front of your bumper. Press the bracket upwards against the bumper and hold it firmly in place for about 30 seconds to ensure good adhesion.
  7. Using the included 7/64″ drill bit, drill a small hole in the bottom of the bumper through the center of the existing hole in each horizontal bracket section.
  8. With a Phillips screwdriver, secure the bracket to the underside of your bumper using the supplied stainless steel pan-head self-tapping screws. It is important to use these screws, as the double side tape alone may not provide sufficient grip under some conditions.
  9. Readjust the license plate angle if necessary, and tighten the angle adjustment screws.
  10. Tighten the 4 license plate mounting screws.

Your license plate bracket is now installed!

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