Find your size

Your vehicle's bracket size is based on the depth of your vehicle's bumper.


Check the Bracket Size Table for your vehicle

We may already know the size for your car. Look up your car in the bracket size table.

If you don't see your make & model in the bracket size table, you can measure your bumper.


Measure Your Bumper

Measure the depth of your bumper from the front vertical edge of the bumper to the grill behind the bumper — see the blue line in the diagram below.



Bracket Size by Depth of Bumper

Depth of Bumper Bracket Size
½” - 1” Extra Short
1” - 2” Short
2” - 2.5” Medium
2.5” - 3” Long
> 3” Extra Long


Tips for measuring your bumper

  • Use a ruler, tape measure, or ruler app on your phone.
  • The horizontal section of the bracket does not need to be perfectly horizontal, as the angle between the vertical and horizontal sections can be adjusted.
  • If your bumper is curved, you may need to order up a size or two: hold your license plate in front of the bumper. Then hold your ruler at the outer edge of the license plate and measure the distance from the front of the license plate to the back of the underside of the bumper.
  • The bumper depth must be at least ½” to accommodate our bracket. If your bumper is shallower than ½”, unfortunately this bracket will not work for your vehicle.
  • Check out the photo gallery to see how the bracket looks when mounted on different cars.